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Excel Essentials - Self-Paced Video Training Course!
What You Will Learn From This Excel Course:
Save Time!
Save valuable hours of your life every week by learning how to use Excel faster or even automating manual tasks!
Gain Self Confidence!
Have you been scared of Excel due to how complicated it looks or the fact that math is involved? It's not as hard as you think and I will help make it easy for you!
Minimize Errors!
Be sure that you're doing everything possible to reduce the amount of errors in your Excel documents.  Learn how to make bullet-proof spreadsheets!
Hear What My Students Are Saying...
"I have really enjoyed the Excel videos. These have sharpened my skills, and I like having the before and after spreadsheets to test my knowledge. These videos, as well as the shortcuts, are a great way to learn and improve your Excel skills." - Susan, USA
"I have been hesitant to step into the world of spreadsheets for such a long time. Thanks to Ben's 'nuts and bolts' Excel Essentials course, I realized that the office work can be much easier, once you get to know how cells and sheets work. The lecturer is concise and the course is well structured and you get all you need to be fully operational in Excel. I really enjoyed it!" - Uroš, Serbia
"Excel Essentials is packed full of applicable operations that equips you with unlimited possibilities for analyzing data in Excel. Ben is awesome! He demonstrates processes with clarity and provides spreadsheets you can download and practice in. This course has been invaluable to me for my career path. 5 Stars!" - Shannon, USA 

Each video is between 5 to 20 minutes with the goal of unlocking your inner Excel ninja in just 1 month!!!

Five hours of NEW Excel training from Excel Exposure!
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Module 0 - Video 1
What is Excel?
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